For fund managers

This is where you find the co-operation agreement that The Swedish Pensions Agency has for fund managers and general terms for funds available as choices for premium pension savings.

All funds available for premium pensions savings, must be registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and fulfil the requirements in the latest UCITS directive.

Fund managers that want to enrol funds with us are obliged to accept the conditions of the Swedish Pensions Agency. These conditions include, among other things,  daily trading, rebate on the administrative fee, and forms for reporting NAV.   

Co-operation agreement

Fund managers that want to enrol funds in the premium pension system should enter an agreement with the Swedish Pensions Agency that in detail regulates the terms of the co-operation between the Swedish Pensions Agency and the fund manager.

The co-operation agreement provided by the Swedish Pensions Agency is a standard agreement, available in both Swedish and English. The fund managers who want to enter into agreements with us can order the co-operation agreement in original from us.

The co-operation agreement consists of

Enrolment and change of fund

To be part of the premium pensions system an agreement need to be entered and the fund must be registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and fulfil the requirements of the latest UCITS directive (2009/65/EG).

  • Each fund manager can have no more than 25 registered funds at any one time.
  • Several fund managers who together form a single management group can have a combined total of 25 registered funds.
  • Fund managers or group may count their lifecycle funds as one.

Procedure for enrolment of a fund

To enrol a fund at the Swedish Pensions Agency, the fund manager needs to complete an enrolment.

The procedure for the enrolment is found in detail in the Instructions to the co-operation agreement. A form need to be filled in and together with the requested appendices mentioned on the form. You are welcome to start the process by contacting us.

Enrolment of funds to the Swedish Pensions AgencyWord (word, 78.8 kB)

How the enrolment is proceeded and ongoing administration

When the Swedish Pensions Agency has received an enrolment a review process is started, where the earlier co-operation, the new fund, and administrative management is reviewed.

The funds historical NAV and fund information is registered in our system. This process may take various times, depending on workload and how extensive the review is.

When the fund is approved the administrative parts will be tested and the Swedish Pensions Agency expects these parts to run without problems according to the co-operation agreement. Most of the daily trades are handled through our Fund communication system Focus, which the fund manager will get access to. This is described in detail in the instructions to the co-operation agreement.

Form for notification of changes for the fund

If the manager wishes to make changes for how the fund is set up in the system the form below should be used. It must be signed by authorized signatories.

Modification notice fundWord (word, 65.5 kB)

Fund information

The Swedish Pensions Agency’s fund information is designed to give the pension savers knowledge to make conscious long-term decisions for their premium pension.

Fund categories divided depending on investment policy

For identification purposes, all funds are provided with a randomly selected fund number. The Swedish Pensions Agency divides the funds into categories based on their investment focus. There are approximately 30 categories. The fund manager can suggest a category, but the Swedish Pensions Agency retains the right to place the fund in another category than the one suggested by the fund manager.

Information quality audit

The Swedish Pension Agency collects, processes, and ensures the quality of the fund information. The data is collected through our Fund communication system Focus, where the information is entered by the fund managers themselves.

The Swedish Pensions Agency monitors the data that is registered regularly for control and verification. The fund manager is responsible for the fund information presented on our web site and can themselves verify it through visiting the web site.

Updating of fund information

Fund information should be updated regularly, details about which information that need to be updated and the frequency see the directions to the co-operation agreement. Information about the registration process is available in the Focus user manual which can be found logged into our Fund communication system Focus.

Information to be submitted about the fund company

Information to be submitted for each individual fund

Information to be submitted for the fund catalogue

Contact information for fund managers

Address information

Pensionsmyndigheten, Att: Fondenheten, Box 38190, 100 64 Stockholm

Visit us: Hornsgatan 168, Stockholm

e-mail: registrator (at)

For sending post by Express Service to Fund Unit please use this address: Pensionsmyndigheten, Hornsgatan 168, 117 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Head of Fund and finance unit Mats Öberg
Telephone number: +46 10-454 23 50
E-mail: mats.oberg (at)

Fund information and fund legal

Queries regarding co-operation agreements, enrolment of funds and legal issues
E-mail: fund (at)

Team leader Per Brantemark
Telephone number: + 46 10-454 24 33
E-mail: per.brantemark (at)

Anette Broberg Queries regarding fund information and environmental/ethical marking
Telephone number: + 46 10-454 23 85
E-mail: anette.broberg (at)

Berit Persdotter
Queries regarding fund information, Focus Fundinfo and Fund catalogue
Telephone number: + 46 10-454 23 47
E-mail: berit.persdotter (at)

Fredrik Andersson
Queries regarding price reductions and fund information
Telephone number: +46 10-454 21 45
E-mail: fredrik.andersson (at)

Legal advisor Jenny Skarin
Queries regarding Co-operation agreement, AML/Fatca
Telephone number: +46 10-454 22 18
E-mail: jenny.skarin (at)

Fund and finance administration

Queries about daily trading, Focus, contract notes, NAV reporting, payments etc.
E-mail: fundadmin (at)
Team telephone number: +46 10-454 23 10 Fax: +46 8-658 13 30

Team leader Rasmus Bjälkeson
Telephone number: +46 10-454 23 62
E-mail: rasmus.bjalkeson (at)

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