Articles, presentations and papers

Here you can find information from various sources within the Swedish Pension Agency, in the form of articles, presentations and papers. Some of the publications can be downloaded as PDF documents.


Comments on the OECD´s Calculation of the Future Pension Level in SwedenPDF (pdf, 446 kB)
Tommy Lowen and Ole Settegren, September 2011

Impact of the financial and economic crisis on the Swedish pension system
Ole Settergren, ISSA Social Security Observer, September 2010


Customer-oriented Services and Information: Experiences from SwedenPDF (pdf, 82.7 kB)
Paul Larsson, Arne Paulsson, Annika Sundén in Priority Challenges in Pension Administration (Takayama, 2011)

Customer surveys

The orange envelope surveys in 2011PDF (pdf, 1.2 MB)

Surveying the orange envelope 2011PDF (pdf, 27 kB)


The Swedish Pension System - presentation for senior citizenPDF (pdf, 1.1 MB)

Summary on the Swedish Pension System, by Bo Könberg PDF (pdf, 629.5 kB)
Summary on the Swedish Pension System, by Bo Könberg (russian)PDF (pdf, 735.8 kB)
This is the Swedish Pensions Agency, by Katrin Westling Palm PDF (pdf, 561.8 kB)
This is the Swedish Pensions Agency, by Katrin Westling Palm (russian)PDF (pdf, 614.4 kB)
Actuarial Assumptions, by Lars Billberg PDF (pdf, 976.5 kB)
Actuarial Assumptions, by Lars Billberg (russian)PDF (pdf, 1.1 MB)
Pension System of the Russian Federation, by Sergei ChirkovPDF (pdf, 1.7 MB)
Katrin Westling Palm, Bo Könberg and Lars Billberg at Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Moskva, september 2012.

Cohort specific ages of retirementPDF (pdf, 801.8 kB)
The impact of economic conditions on the financial sustainability of social security schemes - Cohort-specific ages of retirementPDF (pdf, 1.5 MB)
Ole Settergren and Tommy Lowén, 17th International Conference of Social Security Actuaries and Statisticians (Berlin 30 May - 1 June 2012)

Why Pension Statements?PDF (pdf, 59.7 kB)
The new default fund in the Premium Pension schemePDF (pdf, 222.1 kB)
Inger Johannisson and Arne Paulsson, at OECD Working Party for Private Pensions. Paris, December 2010

Reforms and Payout AdministrationPDF (pdf, 394.3 kB)
Lars Billberg, at ISSA seminar on funded public pensions. Warzaw, October 2010

Pension Systems' Evolution: Meeting State LiabilitiesPDF (pdf, 226 kB)
Ole Settergren, at Baltic Sea Conference. Svetlogorsk, September 2010

Ten years after the Swedish Pension ReformPDF (pdf, 268.7 kB)
Danne Mikula, at the Norwegian Actuarial Association. Oslo, September 2010

Labour Force Participation of Elderly Workers in SwedenPDF (pdf, 67.4 kB)
Ingemar Svensson, at workshop on Incentives and Policies to Raise the Effective Retirement Age. Vienna, June 2010

Pension information, projections and the orange envelope

About pension information, projections and the orange envelopePDF (pdf, 20.4 kB)

The Information Challenge. Excerpt from Orange Report 2007PDF (pdf, 223.9 kB)

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